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I started my business in 1978 after learning electronics in college and working for an independant local telephone sales and service company.
When the company closed I started my own business, providing sales, installation and service for telephone equipment in residential and small businesses in the Dallas, Fort Worth metropolitan area, and to other companies as contract labor when extra help was needed.

These telephone systems included but were not limited to residential POTS telephones and business telephone systems that included POTS lines, 1A2 Key systems, EKSU systems, call diverters, call sequencers and other related telephone equipment.

I also started provided sales, installation and service for two way radio products.
These two-way radio systems and equipment included, mobile and hand held radios, base stations, repeaters and mobile telephone equipment.

As time and technology developed, I learned computers, networking, and servers from the school of OJT and hard knocks. In 2016, I return to college and received formal training on current IT systems and technology. I received formal training on high speed networking equipment, cabling, switches, routers, fiber optic equipment and cabling, servers, storage systems, CCTV and VOIP.

We now provide limited services for older telephone systems provided parts are available.

We can provide assistance in replacing or upgrading you older telephone system to a newer system and provide support for IT systems upgrades and installation for your residential or small businesses systems requirements and technical support at an affordable price, and in a timely manor, or provide you with information on who can help you.

To find out what we can do for you or your business, contact me via Email
cmiller at cap-comm dot com




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